Floor Cleaning Beckenham BR3

Floor cleaning, polishing, grinding and restoration – we do everything to gloss your floor. We know well how to maintain natural stone flooring and different types of tiles. Beautiful floor is the key to amazingly looking home and we specialized many years in proper care of marble, granite, concrete or any other hard surfaces. Beckenham BR3, we are ready to polish your floors at very attractive prices, just call us on 020 3026 6079 and check it out.

Floor polishing is close to art making – we reveal the floor underlying beauty for the eye.

Most natural stone and tiled surfaces are porous and trap the dirt in their crevices. This could spoil the pleasure of owning such a luxury floor. We use diamond polishing pads to clean the dirt in depth and work out a magnificent sheen. We deliver high grade floor maintenance, fit for every home or business building in Beckenham BR3. Get in touch with us today via our booking form and we’ll send you an expert for a free estimate on site.

  • Professional floor cleaning and polishing
  • Buffing, grinding, restoration services
  • Diamond pad polishing system
  • Tile and grout cleaning
  • Concrete, marble, granite care
  • Natural stone worktop polishing

We perform the less common service – worktop polishing. It is conducted with special machine, tailored to clean and buff worktops, bathtubs, stairs, reception desks and many other stone made items. We cater for any job in Beckenham, no matter the size. To enjoy your glossy floor again, you need to call us for professional floor cleaning and polishing service at reasonable prices.

For personal floor polishing assistant engagement in Beckenham BR3 give us a quick call on 020 3026 6079 or fill in our booking form.

Floor Cleaning Prices

Please call for a quote.

Each property has its individual characteristics, like size, condition and number of items that need to be cleaned. Regarding to this, each cleaning action requires different procedures and different duration. The prices listed above are approximate for average sized properties and items. Only end of tenancy cleaning is guaranteed service with free of charge re-clean within 48 hours. We could not guarantee the results of the cleaning of persistently contaminated or worn out fabrics, but we would make everything possible to improve their condition.

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